Protein Bars

Rx Protein Bars Are Made With Real And Whole Grain Food Proteins

RX Protein bars are made with Real and simple ingredients. It is with whole grains food protein bar, which gives us a healthy lifestyle in our active lifestyle. Full of taste and a convenient snack with real ingredients, such as egg white, nuts, dates, simple, whole grains. RX Bar is voluntarily recalling certain varieties of bars because they contain infinite peanuts. The average price of this bar is 2.25 dollars. Each bar contains 1-2grams of saturated fat -comparative very less from our daily candy bar. In this bar, there are 2000 calories in a single bar, which is equal to 13grams of saturated fat each day.  So from this bar we are getting high amounts of protein, fibre and healthy fat.

How RX Protein Bars are beneficial to our health?

While each RX bar contain different nutrition facts, they are high in protein and fiber which is really helpful for our health.

But the only possible highlight is sugar content, which is bad for our health. Each bar contains 13grams of sugar. For that it will be better if the company don’t use sugar in their products. Instead of sugar they can use dates which is good for our health. Each bar should include two dates in their recipe. Dates are high in natural sugar and also contain significant amount of potassium, vitamin B-6 and iron. These bars also contain many other ingredients like cocoa and cacao in all the chocolate-based bars, which is high in sugar content. The health enhancing effects we always use to heard about certain types of dark chocolate, including lower blood pressure, heart disease and improve brain development. All over we have seen that RX bar is made with real, recognizable ingredient which improve our health. Their high fiber and protein content gives assurance to us for curb appetite and prevent major spike in blood sugar. A huge advantage is lack of added sugar.

RX Protein bars helps in boosting your metabolism in form of a smacker.  When you consume the protein rich diet supplement in form of snack, you’re providing your body with a supplement needed to burn calories which controls your metabolic functions. Health professionals recommends intake of RX protein bars as it supplies the quality protein and snack away to a healthy metabolism.

RX Protein bars also fuels your brain and enhances the memory concentration level. Protein and other natural flavors in this protein bars keep the brain healthy, improve the memory power and smoothen the brain function.

If you feeling tired and your blood sugar level is getting quite lower than the normal level than the RX protein snack can protect your blood sugar level from dropping too much between meals. Its richness in fiber, protein and other nutrients makes the bars easy to digest which prevent the blood sugar level from further fluctuations.

Peanuts protein bars are one of the most favorite protein bars that offers good taste and various health benefits to its consumers. Intake of peanuts protein bars are useful for weight loss and also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

RX protein chocolate bars are considered to be the craving curbing bars. These bars are coated with protein infused chocolates that offers a healthy supplement to your diet plan and keeps you satisfy

While consuming the RX protein bars do remember that your snack are not meals, so keep its intake under 300 calories to avoid having a surplus of calories for a person who’s not following a regular exercise plan.

Types of RX protein bars available in market

  • Oats packet –
  • Nut butter –
  • Fan favorites-
  • Chocolate lover’s box-
  • RX kids –
  • Blueberry and coconut chocolate minis-
  • Chocolate sea salt and peanut butter chocolate minis –
  • Minis variety –
  • Vanilla Almond Family bundle –
  • Coconut bundle –
  • Layers variety –
  • Oats variety –
  • Cinnamon spice oats –
  • Maple oats –
  • Pecan-
  • Chocolate Raspberry –


RX bars are delicious, nutritious, simple and clean, that’s why people love this. These are chewy and crunchy and we get a decent amount of fiber and protein from it. The chewy texture comes from the dates which is used and no added sugar.

It can be anyone’s favourite protein bar easily for its fabulous taste. Some people say its neither taste like chocolate nor coffee, just too bad but most of the consumers are impressed with its taste. It is full of peanuts and peanuts butter but a warm warning to peanuts allergic people. These bars taste awesome with some warm coffee or tea. One of the best foods when people are going to office and kids are going to schools. Always a good replacement with our daily meal if we don’t get time, as it is a healthy and stomach filling bar. It made with full of healthy ingredients like Egg White, coffee, cocoa, coconut, peanut and peanut butter. Checkout the other best protein bars.

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